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Hello! My name is Bálint (BAA-lint) Magyar(MA-dyar), and I’m a designer based in Budapest, Hungary. This is a selection of recent personal projects.

Feel free to message me on Mastodon, or
mail me at hello@balintmagyar.com.

I have over a decade of experience in various disciplines of design. I’m currently employed full time as a UX design manager.

In my spare time I make video games, music, small software tools, and visual art. Read on to find out what I’ve been up to.

My games

Madness in Square Garden

Madness in Square Garden is a compact puzzle game I made for the LOWREZJAM game jam in 14 days. Finished 27th out of 429 entries.

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The pixel art title graphic of the game with the words “Madness in Square Garden” surrounded by a light green snake. Screen recording of someone playing the game. The game is very low resolution, and the display is square shaped. There's a game board with two sets of 2 by 2 square tiles representing a garden and actions you can perform on it.

Way Beyond

Way Beyond is a procedurally generated, open world action game, my passion project, currently in alpha. I occasionally stream its development on my Twitch channel

Rogue Poker

Rogue Poker, my first game development jam entry, made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare game jam. Finished 236th out of 3045 entries.

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My sounds & music

Original soundtrack for My Dear

The poster for the documentary movie My Dear. It depicts a night scene with a shadowy figure in a cloak holding a lantern by a riverside some distance away.

I composed music for the Golden Gate Award nominated documentary My Dear, directed by Aragon Yao. Premiered at the 65th San Francisco International Film Festival in 2022.

Personal projects

At times I experiment with sound and music for my own amusement; you can find some sketches on my YouTube channel or my SoundCloud page

My art & illustration

Personal projects

I occasionally experiment with visual art & illustration on my blog.

I’m available for commissions as well so reach out if you're missing something from the shop, or if you'd like a custom piece.

My tools & experiments


I made moody.today, the tiny daily journal app that lives in your browser and doesn't track you. Try it!

It makes these cute mini abstract illustrations out of the moods you set for the times of day :)

Screenshot of the app showing a card shaped piece of UI with a sleek, minimalistic design. The card has five toggle switches on top for setting your mood to good or bad for the time of day, going from morning to evening. Below the toggles is a text entry box inside the card with an active cursor as if someone had just typed into it. Screenshot of the app showing a finished journal entry card. On the top there's a colorful, geometric, abstract illustration matching the toggle switch settings in the previous screenshot by shifting rounded, rectangular shapes up or down.


Start your day with Approach, a small meditation I created for the PROCJAM creative challenge.


Layout is a small experimental text layout tool where the only two interactions are typing, and splitting the canvas in half horizontally or vertically.

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